Google says YES to Covid-19 tracking

In recent days, Apple and Google have delivered the final version of their project to the governments. And subsequently they updated their operating systems. Android from Google and iOS from Apple to prepare smartphones for the tracking system which will be voluntary and based on bluetooth.

The two companies were working separately on the tracking system. But then – Pichai tells Wired – they understood that in order to function well there was a need for an integration of their platforms. So the executives of Google and Apple found an agreement and started to work together. To speed things up, Pichai and his Apple counterpart Tim Cook decided to speak directly to give the project guidelines.

The coronavirus infection tracking system “will have a positive impact even if only 10% -20% of users will use it. The more they will be, the better it will work”: said the CEO of Alphabet and Google, Sundar Pichai, in a interview with Wired. Talking about the platform developed together with Apple, which will be the basis of the tracking apps that governments in the world are developing, including the Italian App Immuni. In the interview, Pichai also admits that there are chances of the two companies collaborating on other issues in the future.

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