Covid-19 tracking: Immuni App Launch

The Immuni app “will be available in 10-15 days, for early June”. Pierpaolo Sileri, Deputy Minister of Health, said at 24Mattino, Radio 24. “It is part of a reorganization of territorial medicine and preventive medicine – he added – it is a very important tracing and when it is active it will give further information on disease tracking and spreading “.

The experimentation of the app will start in three regions, in the north, in the center and in the South. This is what we learned while the meeting between the Pisan Innovation, Health Hope and the regions is underway on the last stages of startup. The go-ahead was also added to the sending of the awaited report by the ministry of health to the guarantor of privacy. The Guarantor Soro said in a hearing that “at present the rule sent by the government to Parliament responds, to the requests we had made”. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Innovation has published the source code of the app  Immuni.  “the iOS and Android versions, the notification system for exposure to the Covid-19 virus which will increase precision and timeliness in the use of prevention and treatment measures”.

From the documents you can see the app logo, a white man in a blue circle. The source code is the profile of the app expressed in the computer programming language. Its publication, with the link on the portal of the dicastery, represents another stage of the path that looks to the launch of Immuni. And the mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, also spoke on the app. The app alone “serves no purpose – he said – the trackers are needed, in other countries thousands of people are paid to take what the app reports, decipher it and allow the government to intervene. Abroad they are hiring thousands for this, in Italy nobody is even considering it. Just as there is still little talk of tests and tampons. And I will insist on this until I can , ” he said.

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