Liverpool FC official notice to fans: “In Naples you could be victims of robberies and ambushes”

September 17 2019- This will be the fifth meeting between Napoli and Liverpool in European competition, after they met twice in the 2010-11 UEFA Europa League Group Stage and again in two Group Stage games in last season’s UEFA Champions League.

Liverpool ahead of the Champions League match against Napoli issued a statement to warn their fans of the danger of muggings, robberies and ambushes. Naples and Liverpool will compete at the San Paolo in the race valid for the Champions League group E. Neapolitans did not like Klopp’s expressions about the locker room affair. Napoli-Liverpool is a red dot race, given the danger of the clashes, due to the bad relations between the two supporters. The English club has published a series of mixed recommendations to the usual clichés, forgetting that last year, in Liverpool, two Neapolitans were victims of the Hooligans.


Fans are advised not to head to the San Paolo alone for risks related to their safety.

Reds fans are invited to gather at the Maritime Station, where bus shuttles will take them to the Stadium and accompany them on their return.

Supporters arriving in the hours before the game are invited to stay in their hotels to eat and drink. British supporters are advised not to congregate in public areas and to avoid being isolated in areas further away from the maritime station.

Fans are advised not to wear scarves and sweaters in more distant areas at the maritime station. Anyone wishing to visit the city remains vigilant and is aware of being able to be the target of robberies, assaults and ambushes.  

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