Sony relaunches the WALKMAN with Android and WIFI


Sony has never betrayed its origins, closely related to music. With the launch, during the preview of the IFA in Berlin (Here the special with all the news), of a new Walkman, model NW-ZX507, the Japanese company continues its search for “personal” sound, of that experience that is a listening that does away with the clamor of speakers and speakers to meet the intimacy of a pair of earphones or headphones. High resolution audio The Sony Walkman NW-ZX507 is a high resolution audio device capable of reproducing quality up to 384 kHz / 32 bit and streaming music via Wi-Fi, thanks to the presence of a wireless antenna and the Android operating system, which opens up endless possibilities for customization and use. That’s not all: there is also support for high resolution MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) audio reproduction through streaming services like Tidal.

Even the new headphones In the era of content coming from the web, having an extreme storage memory is no longer a necessity, but on the Walkman you still feel such a need, at least to always carry your favorite songs with you when there is no connection. Here then is 64 GB of storage plus a microSD slot.

Aesthetically, the music player has a 3.6-inch HD screen, brings the battery life to 20 hours and will be in stores from November, at prices to be determined. To add even more value to sound entertainment, Sony launched a pair of noise-canceling headphones in Berlin. These are the WI-1000XM2, with a soft and flexible design and with the recently developed QN1 HD processor. The headphones include a 9 mm dynamic hybrid driver system, ten hours of battery life with a full charge and 80 minutes with a ten minute quick charge.

The speaker system For home listening, Sony has enhanced its Signature series with the Near Field SA-Z1 speaker system. The coaxial configuration of woofers and tweeters is arranged with extreme precision (it seems that the technicians have worked on micrometer measurements), so as to create sound waves that align perfectly with each other. SA-Z1 has a solid and resonance-free body with a casing made up of six pieces of aluminum sheet, welded according to a technique inspired by traditional Japanese construction methods.

The car receiver And finally XAV-AX8050D, car receiver with anti-glare display from 8.95 inches with 1 DIN installation (the best here), tilting and adjustable in height and depth. Compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, the XAV-AX8050D integrates an audio optimization function, to adjust and create a sound field suitable for the surrounding environment. It will be released in November at price is 440 euros.

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