HUAWEI: CEO You could debut without Google Services, Harmony OS maybe on P40

Huawei raises on 5G but on the horizon sees the repercussions of the inclusion in the black list wanted by the Trump administration. The arrival in European stores of some new smartphones, starting with the upcoming Mate 30 models, will slide indefinitely due to the prohibition for American companies to trade with Huawei. The new Mate 30, destined to duel with the Samsung Note 10 and the iPhone 11 in the over 800 euro range, will be shown on September 19 but will immediately be stopped outside China. No Android or Google Apps With the continuation of the ban they will not be able to count on the Android operating system, nor on Google Apps (Play Store, YouTube, Maps, Gmail, Assistant).

The commercial debut does not therefore have a date in our country. Three days ago Trump did not soften the tone: «It is a problem for national security. We will see what happens with China, but Huawei is not a topic we want to talk about now “. Old and new contracts Is Huawei therefore blocked? No, from here to the end of the year it will update phones like the P30 Pro (in Berlin it showed two new colors and the EMUI 10 interface) and will release new models. They are those covered by the moratorium granted by the US Department of Commerce, set for August 19 and extended by another 90 days. It is an extension that covers old contracts but does not allow US companies to sign new ones. And here is the limbo of uncertainty in which Mate 30 and other news will end.

Richard Yu speaks However, Huawei does not want to remain at the mercy of events. “The Mate 30 range – Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei consumer division – told us during a meeting in Berlin – will have a world presentation in Munich on the 19th and will be released in China. In Europe we can’t bring it because Google can’t do business with us at the moment. The intention is to continue using the Android system but if the prohibitions remain we are ready to install the free “open source” version of Android, without Google Apps and Play Store. Users will find the applications from our App Gallery store or on other stores ». HarmonyOS Plan B involves HarmonyOS, the alternative Android platform that Huawei unveiled in August: “We are able to bring it quickly to smartphones.

The first could come next spring. It may be the P40, perhaps in March, “the Huawei CEO added, mentioning the flagship model of the Chinese house, which is launched every spring. It is a winding road, with the need to adapt the Android apps for Harmony: “But the conversion is very fast for developers – explains Yu -. I trust that even local apps, such as home banking apps, arrive on HarmonyOS ». The fundamental problem of Google Mobile Services would remain, based not only on Google’s apps but also on the APIs (application programming interfaces) necessary for third-party applications. In this regard, Yu mentioned the “Harmony mobile services” that would be ready to replace Google’s.

Mate X During the interview Richard Yu had with him a Mate X, the “foldable phone” that Huawei showed last spring at the Barcelona fair (our video preview) but which has not yet debuted on the market: “I’m using it from different months. I like it because I love big screens and a foldable one has a much bigger screen than traditional devices. I also decreased the use of the laptop. Mate X is ready to go on sale, but we’re still thinking about the best time to launch it. Maybe it will be next month ».

Kirin 990 In the inaugural keynote of Ifa, the electronics fair that started yesterday in Berlin, Richard Yu introduced a series of innovations related to 5G networks, connectivity and artificial intelligence, showing the firepower of a giant that last year invested $ 15 billion in research and development, 14% of turnover, more than Apple, Intel and Microsoft. The CEO of the Chinese company showed the Kirin 990 microprocessor for smartphones, the first to integrate a modem to connect to 5G networks on the same piece of silicon. “Right now, compatibility with 5G is a key factor in choosing a smartphone in China, and next year it will also be in Europe. 5G is fundamental for consumers with the increase of videos on the move and with the arrival of augmented and virtual reality. We remain committed to responding to the challenges of innovation “.

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