Threads: New Instagram project to bring a new Instant Messenger similar to Snapchat

In one fell swoop, Instagram takes up the project of an instant messaging application and launches yet another gauntlet to Snapchat with an app being tested called Threads. This software could be defined as a sort of parallel Instagram platform dedicated to close friends, going back to certain features available to the mother app, but at the same time adding new ones. Rising from the ashes of Direct, turned off last May. There are really many references to rival Snapchat from the nature of the app to its noisy features like the ability to share location, status and even battery percentage. The goal of Threads is precisely to provide a tool for constant and more private contact with the users to whom we are closest. An operation that makes sense since close friends are the only privacy barrier that can be applied to what we share so far, but only limited to the sphere of stories.

Unlike Facebook, in fact, on Instagram you can’t decide to set a dedicated privacy level for each photo or video published. But with Threads – at least – you can use an instant messaging app to communicate only with whom the user wants. Trying to point to the huge amount of time spent within the app by Snapchat users, also the spirit of Instagram Threads is that of a regular update, almost without interruption of everything that is done during the day with position in real time, speed of movement, how much vital juice the smartphone and the inevitable status still have available. The control of privacy is total since only those who have included in the list of closest friends most see and interact

According to The Verge, who was able to have a first contact in preview, the app will see in the center the flow of the messages of the contacts with a green light to indicate those active in real time. When friends publish a story or status, they can open directly and comment. There is also a camera app to take pictures or shoot videos and send them. In short, the frontal attack on Snapchat is explicit, even if it is not clear if this application will ever come out in the open in an official way. Certainly the sentence pronounced by Mark Zuckerberg last March regarding private messaging as the future of the company is quantum sibillina.
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