Microsoft Centaurus: will be the first foldable with Windows

The time could be ripe for Microsoft Centaurus, a code name that refers to the first real brochure of the historic American brand, which could debut during the next presentation event already scheduled for October 2, 2019. In exactly one month new models are expected to replenish the catalog of transformative Microsoft Surface tablets and the top in terms of technical and design details could be a device with flexible display and opening and closing system to compact the device when not in use and expand the diagonal when called into question.
Thus the fog would disappear around what at first was known as the Andromeda project, referring to some patents registered last year dedicated to a device capable of folding like the various Samsung Galaxy Folds and Huawei Mate Xs, but with more generous dimensions. The concept behind the Microsoft project closely resembles what we have seen with models already on the market such as the all-touch notebook Lenovo Yoga Book C930 which dedicates the second screen to input with a virtual keyboard and other fingertip controls or of capacitive nib. The difference lies in the fact that the screen would be one, with the ability to bend halfway through the book.

Above the detail of the patent discovered last March and related to the hinge that guarantees the right protection in the most delicate area where the panel rotates 180 degrees at the same time avoiding the entry of external elements such as dust and micro-grains debris that (see Galaxy Fold fail) can compromise the correct operation of the device.

According to the latest patents found on the World Intellectual Property Organization database, the screen can tilt even in the opposite direction, thus opening up a 360-degree movement and being able to settle in different positions, ie completely open, closed with a screen inside, closed with external screens and “ in a tent ”as a stand on its own.
What will be the final appearance of the Microsoft Centaurus project? It could be like a special flexible Microsoft Surface Go with a special version of the operating system called Windows Core Os on board. At the same event on October 2nd, the veils should also be removed from the new Microsoft Surface Pro 7 generation.

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