Gram: Telegram’s new cryptocurrency

An illustration picture taken through a magnifying glass on April 17, 2018 in Moscow shows the icon of the popular messaging app Telegram on a smart phone screen. Russia's communications watchdog began today blocking access to the popular messaging app Telegram after a court banned the service for refusing to give the security services access to private conversations. / AFP PHOTO / Yuri KADOBNOV (Photo credit should read YURI KADOBNOV/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit YURI KADOBNOV/AFP/Getty Images)
The instant messaging service could put its currency in circulation within the next two months, accessible to everyone and with a dedicated wallet
Appreciated for its high security standards, the Telegram messaging app constantly releases new updates. Not surprisingly, we know of the existence of some secret functions and of the recent novelty .
introduced last August 11th – which allows us to send silent messages that do not send any sound notification on the recipient’s device: but very soon a real revolution could arrive. In fact, according to a recent news published by the New York Times, Telegram will soon launch a new cryptocurrency beating Facebook and the launch of Libra. The new cryptomony coined by Pavel Durov’s company will be called Gram and, according to the source, it will be available to around 200-300 million users spread all over the world who can use it through the application of Telegram and a digital wallet to buy goods and services directly inside the chats, channels, groups and bots; furthermore, as is already the case with Bitcoin, the currency will be totally managed by a decentralized computer network called TON – Telegram Open Network – which will not allow, even to the founding company itself, access to registered monetary exchanges.

Although there are no official announcements about the release, Gram could arrive by October 31, 2019 in a first test version: to confirm this date, it is the same source that would have read some official documents in the hands of the investors, which shows the the company’s commitment to provide the first cryptosets within this period, on pain of returning the money paid by the first supporters of the project.
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