iOS 13 confirms the arrival of apple eyewear


The Apple eyewear dedicated to augmented reality could really come out of the closet soon: a new clue was found within the imminent iOs 13 operating system code and opens up interesting scenarios for a much awaited accessory. Almost a chimera, so far. Yet the story behind this possible gadget closely resembles that of Apple Watch, the smart watch from Cupertino that has been shrouded in fog for years, it was thought to be just material for inconclusive rumors and instead it was made official becoming the best selling in its segment . Apple Glass has been talked about for more than a decade, despite the courageous attempt (to a large extent) by Google to introduce its smart glasses on the market and for the masses. The precedent of Google Glass on the one hand is not comforting, but on the other it showed where and how to move to avoid unfortunate déjà-vu. As told by MacRumors, going to sift the hidden information in the code of the semi-definitive version of iOs 13 (all the previews here) you can see the code names T288 and Garta for a wearable device connected via app (called STARTester) to iPhone with the possibility of being able to view on the smartphone screen what is seen through the lenses. In support of the thesis of the Apple glasses there would also be information files and some icons that would represent an ar visor. In short, something is boiling in the pot and the clues wink the eye too explicitly at an accessory compatible with augmented reality glasses. When could it come out? Unlikely as early as September 10 when the new iPhone 11 will be seen, more likely in the first half of 2020, as anticipated by well-informed analysts such as the famous Ming-Chi Kuo. Even Apple CEO Tim Cook has expressed interest in this sector several times, defining augmented reality as a “Deep technology that amplifies human performance rather than isolating people”.

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