IP certifications: “After 24 hours are worthless”


In a long and detailed article, the experts at iFixit have explained the reasons why no smartphone is waterproof. That is also the reason why, despite more or less high certifications, no manufacturer guarantees the model so and so to prevent penetration of liquids.

Without dragging their long, the reason lies in the characteristics of barriers made protection against liquid: glue or silicone. The first element forms a watertight seal around the physical buttons, inputs and more generally to all those components exposed to water and air; the second, used only by some manufacturers ( OnePlus and Apple, ndr) to garnish the shell, proves better in case of repair but equally ineffective.

“When your smartphone is brand new it can survive an immersion in water, perhaps even to 8 hours at the bottom of an Aquarium”. The problem comes then, due to wear: both the physical stress, such as creases and cracks, as the chemical stress, such as exposure to chlorine, mineral water and other substances, significantly reduces the state, and after a year or two the ” shield “against liquids is already beautiful than compromise. And the question is not so much the quantity of water that overcomes barriers, as the type of substances that permeates and reacts to contact with hardware. The real enemy is the corrosion.

The CEO of iFixit took about an extreme position in an attempt to take the matter seriously: “the degree of resistance of the first 24 hour IP certification is valid enough. The next day it isn’t worth anything. ” The solution? The waterproof cases.

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